If you document, place orders, view information on patients in any of the Phoebe Health System Hospitals you will need to complete Training for the updated MEDITECH system, known as EXPANSE, scheduled for goLIVE on June 13, 2021.   

The MEDITECH EXPANSE system will look different from what Providers are accustom to seeing in the current system.  Your muscle memory will fail you.  

All Providers are required to complete online training.  Providers that document, place orders, and view information are required to complete in-person training in addition to online training.




To ease the transition please complete ONE of the online training courses below by clicking on the link that most suits how you work in MEDITECH.

  1. Emergency Department Provider [You are an ED Provider]
  2. Acute Care Provider. [You document, place orders, and view information in MEDITECH]
  3. View Only. [You only view patient information in MEDITECH]


If you document or place orders on patients in MEDITECH you are also required to complete in-person training in addition to the online training.  You will have an opportunity to schedule your in-person training at the end of the Online Course. 

 *If you have been scheduled for a department classroom training, you WILL NOT need to schedule individual training. Those departments include Emergency Department, Scribes, Hospitalists, Neonatology/Pediatric Hospitalists, Intensivists/Pulmonology, Residents, and Anesthesiology. 


To view a Recorded In Person Training Session Click Here.


If you use MEDITECH to ONLY view patient information you are NOT required to take in-person training.